Deadly Odds 4.0 is a prescient and powerful tale that terrifies us with its depiction of cyber-attacks, leaving us gasping over the truth of our own vulnerability. Allen Wyler has brought the scourge of ransomware front and center in American pop culture, one of those rare thrillers that informs as it entertains. This is thriller writing of the highest order that threatens to redefine the techno-thriller for a whole new generation of readers.”
~Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author
“William Gibson meets John Grisham in Allen Wyler’s new thriller featuring cyber-sleuth Arnold Gold who mixes it up with suspect lawyers, hackers, and cops in the fittingly gray setting of Seattle. The plot is as fast as a Boeing jet and the tension is as high as the Space Needle.”
~Mark Lindquist
“Break-neck pace and gut-check tension. Fans of Wyler will not want to miss this latest Installment.”
~Darryl Poniscan
“Allen Wyler is one of my favorite thriller writers. If you haven’t read his books, you’re missing out.”
~Edgar nominated Author Mike Lawson