Deadly Odds

Twenty-three year old Arnold Gold is a Seattle-based odds-maker and local computer genius. Described as a “part-time hacker and full-time virgin” by his friends, he flies to Las Vegas to try and get lucky – in more ways than one. But his high stakes activity on the Net inadvertently thrusts him into a vortex of international terrorism. Dark Net Hacking has resulted in murder, and now it will take every last bit of Arnold’s intellect and legendary skill to stay one step ahead of the murderous terrorists, the FBI, the local cops, and his lawyer. Gold’s only chance to save himself is to find the location of a bomb hidden somewhere in Vegas, and somehow prevent the explosion that will turn Sin City into the scene of the deadliest terror attacks since 9/11.

In Deadly Odds, Allen Wyler’s unique thriller, Arnold Gold, an introverted, computer geek goes to Las Vegas to lose his virginity and ends up running from terrorists and the FBI as he tries to save his life and prevent a deadly attack that will rival 9/11. Deadly Odds is original and a first rate thriller.

Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of “Woman with a Gun”

With Allen Wyler, you get thrills and a dash of humor combined in a high-tech plot written by a guy who knows what he’s talking about. I love his books and Deadly Odds was the best one yet.

Mike Lawson, Award-winning author of the Joe DeMarco series