Deadly Odds 4.0

In this fourth adventure in the DEADLY ODDS cyberthriller series, reformed hacker Arnold Gold is plunged into a race against time when he’s hired by a prestigious Seattle law firm to resolve a ransomware attack that threatens its very existence. But, from the start, Arnold has ill-defined misgivings about his secretive, control-freak client and suspects he’s being used to cover up an inside job.

Allen Wyler spins another solid thriller with his protagonist Arnold Gold’s latest adventure. Having capitulated to his lady love’s demands to eschew online gambling and cyber mischief, our hero turns his considerable skills to white hat endeavors, which means cleaning up other people’s messes. Nevertheless, as you knew was bound to happen, danger finds Arnold inside the workings of a boutique law firm specializing in white collar crime. The head of a prestigious Seattle law firm Cain, Tidwell, and Stowell, calls Arnold in Hawaii after the firm finds itself the target of a vicious scourge of our modern age, a cyber ransom attack that paralyses the company’s computer network. Noah Cain really, really wants Arnold on the case, and boy does our guy deliver.

Unlike his earlier books, this one takes for granted that you already know Arnold and appreciate his remarkable mind and preternatural gift for attracting trouble. Far be it from me to deprive you of the pleasure of watching Arnold do his thing.

I’m sure I’m not the only one already anticipating what kind of hot water Arnold finds himself in next. Enjoy!

M. T. Kennedy