Dead Ringer

Whilst speaking at a Hong Kong medical conference, neurosurgeon Dr. Lucas McCrae slips the cloth off a cadaver’s head during a routine medical demonstration, and is overwhelmed by what’s staring back at him: the face of his best friend, Andy Baer. Stunned, McCrae races back to Seattle to discover that Andy is, in fact, missing and may have been murdered by a gang of body snatchers. They operate a legitimate funeral business and make a fortune by selling recovered body parts to medical researchers. McCrae teams up with an unlikely pair-a beautiful but hardnosed female cop and a gang member whose family was victimized by the cadaver ring-to try and expose a macabre web of corruption. It involves law enforcement, politicians, funeral home curators, and . . .. murdered prostitutes.

In the tradition of Robin Cook, Wyler takes us behind the scenes to show us things the medical establishment doesn’t want us to see. DEAD RINGER builds a high-speed plot on a startling but all-too-plausible premise. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Paranoia and Buried Secrets