Cutter’s Trial

Neurologist Alex Cutter doesn’t always have it easy, from manipulative, scheming co-workers to unrealistic expectations from his dissatisfied wife. Yet never before has he had to face a challenge of this magnitude. Never before has he been asked to play God as a patient begs for a dignified death. Never before has he been labelled a murderer. Now, with his freedom and reputation on the line, Alex must decide whether to give in to the pressures of a deeply religious and conservative Southern society, or to fight back for what he believes in.

The book captures the trials, tribulations, anxieties and prejudices a young neurosurgeon experiences after completing training. The story is woven beautifully and addresses multiple issues faced by young physicians including managing career expectations vs the realities of the job market, the insidious destructive power of jealousy, hubris, arrogance and emotional immaturity. The author weaves struggles with prejudice, sexual harassment and xenophohbia throughout the story line. One powerful aspect is the self-doubt and burnout faced by physicians who suffer a malpractice lawsuit, which prompted a career change with Dr Alan Cutter. It is a captivating read – once you start, you don’t want to put it down. It also highlights the destructive power of the current NIH funding levels and cycles with young medical faculty including the impact of lack of transparency at weeding out conflicts of interest.

Scott Wright