A chance to live life over again…

Cardiologist Chris Holden suffers a life-threatening heart attack on the side of a mountain, not far from where his son vanished five years earlier. Near death, he wonders what it would be like if he had the chance to live his life over again, with the wisdom he has already gained.

Imagine you could turn back time, to right a wrong, make amends. We’ve all said things, done things, we’ve come to deeply regret, and when the target of our displeasure is taken from us there is no way to undo the damage, to ask forgiveness. A father’s tragic loss and an unexpected second chance are at the heart of writer Allen Wyler’s latest novel. The prospect of a new life, a new love – and with it an uncertain future – keeps the reader guessing throughout this intriguing tale.

Successful cardiologist Chris Holden loses his only child when his son is swept away in an avalanche. Several years later, on the anniversary of his son’s disappearance, he marks the occasion by climbing the same mountain with his attorney and best friend, Reed Alison. While on the mountain he suffers a medical crisis, and as he loses consciousness he fears he might be dying.

Later, inexplicably, he regains consciousness not as his middle-aged self, but in the body of his very much alive son, Joel. His own life has somehow merged with Joel’s, and he finds that he has intimate knowledge of his son’s new life, warts and all. Even as he struggles to discover the explanation for this mystery, Chris finds himself living out Joel’s dreams with the help of his skeptical friend Reed and Joel’s unsuspecting girlfriend, Taylor. This is a unique and unforgettable story, well told. You won’t be disappointed.

M. T. Kennedy